Pens of freedom

Creating live examples from code snippets in a site, particularly a documentation site, is extremely helpful for users, as they get to play with the code. Eleventy (rightfully) didn't have such functionality out of the box but don't despair...

Image of a pen over a notepad

Pens of freedom

Fight the bloatwares

According to, the term is described as software that comes piggy-backed on other software installations. Bloatware usually includes toolbars desktop widgets or external unrelated applications. Most piggy-backing bloatware can perform a mundane task that is generally non-essential to everyday computer use.

Screenshot of the applicationFight the bloatwares

The hidden cost of Frontend

Joomla 3.9 introduced a new feature for content privacy which is a great addition to the tools provided out of the box but, after 4 patches and countless mentions for it, still has a flaw. A major one...

nullThe hidden cost of Frontend